We’re Back – and Ever More Insightful!

Welcome to our new and more informative website courtesy of Green Bee Web Consulting. It’s been several years since we last published Pat’s Perspective, and in many ways much has happened since then, but in most ways, it has been business as usual.

We’ll share a few of the highlights, but, in summary, recent experiences have confirmed that our Six Steps to Organizational Excellence are timeless. As you can see, I am still teaching them — and those with the commitment are still benefiting. Since they address the reality of human nature confronting change, we should not be surprised that the lessons are timeless.

The one lesson that has become more apparent to me is the necessity for the CEO to stay the course. Perhaps I have been spoiled as I built a pretty successful track record working with committed CEOs. I should have remembered that my only failures resulted from the faltering of CEO clients.

Recent experiences, unfortunately, confirm the lesson. One assignment came to an end when the client CEO clutched in the face of rebellion on the part of those he had engaged me to change. His comment to me was “… I’ve made more money with them than I have with you.” Within a few months, the lead rebel was fired and the business he was running is floundering.

I am now faced with another situation where the CEO is on the ledge. In spite of overwhelming evidence, he continues to support a senior executive who is not on the change program, thereby undermining what is otherwise a very successful effort. History says this will end in one of several ways. Either the executive comes around – not likely, the CEO comes around and fires him – hopefully, or we continue as business as usual — most likely, until the other members of the team lose confidence in the CEO and the change initiative – and the company continues to underperform while the CEO seeks the next “silver bullet” magic answer.

That’s the bad news. The good news results from the projects I have completed – and am now leading – where the CEO client is engaged, learning and leading. It’s always a pleasure to see the results under such leadership. It reminds me while I still do this.

In many ways, my more recent experiences have answered the question of why I don’t write another book. The answer, of course, is we don’t need to. Do we need a sequel to the bible? The lessons are all in the first one. All that has happened is extending the list of my experiences.

However, there are always lessons to be learned – and to be passed on from time to time. That is the purpose of Insights. Watch this space for periodic additions.

As always, I would be interested in your views. Email me at pat@themcdonnellcompany.com.

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