The Selling Process

The process of adding new customers or clients in any business is fundamentally the same, and consists of the following factors:

  • Provide nothing but the best possible service to your customer base.  You cannot sell what you cannot deliver.  Remember, your “A” customers are on your competitors’ target list.


  • Cull the marginal customers to ensure that you have the resources to serve your best customers or prospects.


  • Target the best prospects with a plan for which someone is accountable and whose progress is monitored weekly — not monthly. Weekly monitoring builds and maintains momentum.


  • Forget the old adage of “minders,” “grinders” and “finders.” This is an all hands effort.


  • Be careful in chasing Requests for Proposals.  Experience says that unless you wrote it, then your competitor did -– and they more likely to win the business.  Understand the situation before spending a great deal of time responding.


  • Tenacity pays off.  The targeting program must be managed as among the most important aspects of the business.  Over time, it will become engrained in the very culture of the organization.  The good news is your competitor will have long since given up.


Now is the time.  If your competitor is already doing this, you are at risk.  Since he probably is not, you have an opportunity.

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