Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven: 6 Steps to Organizational Excellence

by Patrick J. McDonnell

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Everybody Wants to Get To Heaven

Excellence is a competitive advantage.

Most books on achieving organizational excellence tell you what to do. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven tells you how to do it. Pat McDonnell gives you a six-step program, developed in his 30 years of directing and advising diverse firms. Gain insights on leadership, communication, employee motivation, strategic planning, participative decision-making, marketing, human resources and staffing.

“Pat clearly understands the process of effective change. A powerful book.”
-Charles C. Poirier, Partner, CSC National Supply Chain Practice and author of several books including Advanced Supply Chain Management

Learn how to:

  • Redefine your business
  • Redefine your business
  • Clarify corporate core values
  • Effect and sustain change
  • Lead effectively, with integrity
  • Plan proactively
  • Attract the best clients and know which ones to discard
  • Hire quality people- and keep them
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Insure continuous improvement

The author’s down-to-earth style, humor, anecdotes, questions, suggestions, summaries, lists and case studies make the principles accessible. McDonnell says, “Anyone willing to understand the change process who has the courage to implement it can be successful. Start a revolution. Watch it spread. Begin increasing your effectiveness and your team’s. Speak up. Question. Seek improvement. Commit yourself. Learn to lead. Soon, you’ll gain a reputation for excellence that others will try to emulate.”

This valuable resource is for CEO’s, senior executives, those who set policy or make decision that affect others, as well as anyone aspiring to a greater leadership role. It will stimulate your thinking, reinforce what you already know, introduce new ideas and contribute to your organization’s success – and yours.


“Pat’s advice reflects the wisdom that comes only from a life lived in the cauldron of experience. I urge leaders who seek meaningful achievement by their organizations to read this book.”

-Colonel Larry R. Donnithorne, U.S. Army Ret., author of The West Point Way of Leadership – From Learning Principled Leadership to Practicing It

“If you seek an unvarnished assessment of your leadership effectiveness, written by a pure warrior who has been there, read this book. If you understand and adhere to its lessons, you will get the the ‘Pearly Gates.'”

-Brooks Mitchell, PhD, Professor, University of Wyoming, founder of Aspen Tree Software and author of Bet on Cowboys, Not Horses

“Directly and confidently, Pat presents his ideas and change execution methods. He effectively demonstrates how honesty, leadership and proactive goal-setting can mitigate the pain of change.”

-William C. Stone, President, Founder, Chairman and CEO of SS&C Technologies, Inc.

“A simple, practical, powerful strategy of how to lead organizational change in the face of resistance. This book is filled with pithy principles and clear examples drawn from Pat’s own rich experience in the business world. I found it very thought provoking and useful.”

-William Ury, Co-author of Getting To Yes-Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

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