Creating the Plan

The Step Four Trap

Students of the Six Step Process know that developing a plan is the Fourth of our Six Steps – right after Understanding the Fundamentals of Change, Creating a Trust Based Culture and Establishing Principled Leadership.  Step Five, Executing the Strategic Plan is the most important of the Six Steps.  Unfortunately, few organizations get that far because they invariably begin with Step Four – creating the Plan itself.  In doing so, they assume that the organization is conditioned to implement it.  The black binders full of unimplemented plans that adorn most executive bookshelves are testimony to the validity of that statement.

For that reason, I have never taken on a ‘Strategic Planning’ assignment unless within the context of the entire Six Step Process.  This has cost me a number of assignments, but I have never regretted losing any of them.  In good conscience, I couldn’t take their money knowing they are going to fail.

Excellence is the absence of mediocrity.  Therefore, your objective is finding and eliminating it from the drivers of organizational value – our people, their leadership and the processes by which we create and sell our products and service.

The cost of mediocrity in payroll, adverse customer relationships, the absence of timely, accurate information and process inefficiency is enormous.  There is a pot of gold at the end of the road to organizational excellence.  All you need to do is go get it.

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