“All of Pat’s clients, whether financially stable or in need of recovery, are committed to achieving a higher state of organizational excellence. Achieving that illusionary objective requires changing the way they think, act and provide their goods and services – their very culture. Effecting this change is the area of Pat’s experience and expertise …”

Pat McDonnell is an experienced advisor to companies of various sizes in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, enterprise software, professional services.

He is a current and past member of the board of several SEC Registrant and smaller, entrepreneurial companies.

The McDonnellCompany, LLC is a virtual company, and coordinates several exceptional service providers in the fields of strategic planning and operational excellence.

Jim Covington

Covington Consulting Advisory Services
Jim Covington has over 35 years of management experience in both large Fortune 500 firms and smaller closely held businesses. He has found that often the closely held businesses have leaders that find that they need “coaching”… particularly if they continue to get caught up in the day-to-day fast paced operations and decision making of their businesses. Jim’s passion is to get these leaders to re-evaluate their business, challenge their long held assumptions and beliefs and help them grow their businesses to the next level

John Smock

Smock Management Consultants
John Smock has conducted strategy related assignments in a variety of industries – manufacturing, distribution, energy and utilities, health care, and government. He assists clients in developing meaningful and executable strategic plans at the firm, practice, and office levels. His experience in operational excellence involves assisting in improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of firm operations in order to achieve a tangible and measurable impact on both near and longer term profitability and client service levels.