Lessons learned on the road to excellence

Book review: Accounting Changes: Chronicles of Convergence, Crisis and Complexity in Financial Reporting

Let’s plug a book! Faithful followers of Insights will note that I have never had an original idea in my life, but there is not much of merit that I have stumbled across that I have not put to good use. Most of these good ideas come from listening, observing and reading. So it is […]

We’re Back – and Ever More Insightful!

Welcome to our new and more informative website courtesy of Green Bee Web Consulting. It’s been several years since we last published Pat’s Perspective, and in many ways much has happened since then, but in most ways, it has been business as usual. We’ll share a few of the highlights, but, in summary, recent experiences […]

The Selling Process

Provide nothing but the best possible service to your customer base. You cannot sell what you cannot deliver. Remember, your “A” customers are on your competitors’ target list.

On Decision Making

Decision making is a serious business. It requires judgment, but also the intellectual honesty and discipline to follow a process and consider all aspects of the problem.

On Leadership vs. Management

Management and Leadership are not mutually exclusive but successful leaders must understand the difference and the compatibility.

The Principles of Leadership

Since we are responsible for our own development, ask yourself – what is keeping us from practicing these every day? The answer, of course is “nothing.”

The Bell Shaped Curve

The distribution of employees in a typical organization will reflect a bell shaped curve. At one end, comprising no more than 10% to 15% are the “A” players. At the other end, no more than another 10% are the “C” players. In the middle are trench soldiers – the “B” players.

Beware the Valley of Death

The road to organizational excellence must pass through the trials, challenges and stress. If change were easy, everybody could do it.

The Value Proposition

The objective of every organization is to maximize value for its constituencies.

Proactive Mentoring

There is no doubt that having a good mentor is of enormous value to every aspiring executive. Yet, a successful mentoring program is not just the responsibility of management.