Lessons learned on the road to excellence

Audit Failure – Yet Another Solution Looking For a Problem to Solve!

When was the last time you heard of a real live audit failure? I mean an Enron or WorldCom? Remember, Enron occurred in 2001 and Sarbanes Oxley was passed in 2002. You’re right if you say, you can’t remember the last one. Maybe it’s time to declare victory and move on. Not so fast says […]

One Man’s Opinion of the Six Step Process – A Follow-up

A follow-up to a book report published in July 2013: One Man’s Opinion of the Six Step Process Faithful readers will recall that back in July, I received a “book report” from a sales executive I happened to meet on an airplane.  By the time we landed in Chicago, my new colleague was most interested […]

Learning determination, hard work, and self-truth in football

  Football Mom is Right on the Money!  Frequent readers have long learned that Pat’s Perspective is always open to comments, ideas and experiences that illustrate the lessons inherent in our Six Step Process.  Such is the following letter written to the local board of education by one of my very astute daughters – in […]

Audit Failure – Yet Another Solution Looking For a Problem to Solve!

Having failed to push mandatory audit rotation through Congress, the “audit failure” crowd has now come up with yet another solution to the “problem.”  According to an article in the August 20th Wall Street Journal, as proposed by Robert C. Pozen, a lecturer at the Harvard Business School, auditors should be required to re-propose for […]

Audit Services – Who Benefits?

Over the years I have maintained a high regard for the Securities and Exchange Commission. In my dealings, I have considered them generally objective, and willing to listen while maintaining a professional perspective. In one particular meeting, however, there was a young lawyer out for blood. Finally, in a fit of exasperation at not getting […]

A Book Report – One Man’s Opinion of the Six Step Process

The following is a “book report” I received from an individual with whom I will soon be meeting to provide advice on the Road to Excellence.  I am publishing this with his permission but without attribution because to do so would drive his general counsel nuts.  Suffice it to say that he is a senior […]

Audit Failures – Urban Myth and Reality

Evidence suggests that many found our website by searching for “audit failure.”  I don’t know why, but if you are interested in the subject, let me add the benefit of my 30 plus years in the audit profession to your education. “Audit failure” strikes at the heart of the audit profession.  Occurrence is an admission […]

Most Leadership Development Programs Are A Waste of Time!

Let’s face it.  Most leadership programs are conducted by well meaning human resource managers or academics who view leadership as a mechanical process with “tools” that are available to the mechanic to “use” as circumstances dictate.  These “tools,” – mentoring, coaching, team building exercises and other forms of kumbaya – place the emphasis on what […]

The Problem, Mr. CEO, is Your Golf Swing!

Always PC. This applies to you too, Ms. CEO. Many years ago at a golf clinic, our instructor asked each of us to take a few swings to give him an idea of his challenge. All was going well until one guy demonstrated a golf swing that should have broken his back, neck and a […]

Book review: The Challenger Sale – Taking Control of the Customer Conversation

In the midst of all the books I read, mostly military histories, biographies of famous people and the normal dose of business books, every now and then, one stands out among the others.  The reaction upon reading them is to wonder why such a book had never before been written.  Such was my reaction upon […]