Recent projects: Board of Directors/Advisors

Recent projects serving as a member of the Board of Directors/Advisors of several entrepreneurial companies.

  • Serving at the behest of a Private Equity firm as an advisor to the management of a $100 million provider of pre-school education. The objective is enhanced revenue generation.
  • Serving as an advisor to the management of a $6 million technology based professional services provider in cultural change and operational efficiency. The initial engagement will last approximately 90 days.
  • Recently served at the behest of the majority owner as the Chairman of the Board and interim CEO of a $40 million technology based consulting firm. Former CEO was a marketing executive whose time was best spent growing revenue and not in operations. Results included a dramatic change in culture and a substantial improvement in EBIDTA. Positioned company for recent successful sale.
  • Served as an advisor to the CEO of a SEC Registrant insurance company. Successfully completed a multi-year cultural alignment, leadership development and performance measurement project. Positioned the company to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan. Strategic Planning/execution process now well established. Second iteration of the strategic plan completed. Substantial improvement in operational culture. Served as a mentor to senior and mid level executives.
  • Served as advisor to CEO and senior management of a $300 million distribution company. Provided assistance in implementing change and growth program.
  • Served as an advisor to the CEO of a $330 million provider of accounting software to the financial industry. Company was in need of cultural realignment.
  • Served as the interim CEO of a $400 million dollar distributor of industrial safety supplies. Effected significant gross margin improvement and positioned the company for continued success under revitalized management.

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