Most Leadership Development Programs Are A Waste of Time!

Let’s face it.  Most leadership programs are conducted by well meaning human resource managers or academics who view leadership as a mechanical process with “tools” that are available to the mechanic to “use” as circumstances dictate.  These “tools,” – mentoring, coaching, team building exercises and other forms of kumbaya – place the emphasis on what […]

The Problem, Mr. CEO, is Your Golf Swing!

Always PC. This applies to you too, Ms. CEO. Many years ago at a golf clinic, our instructor asked each of us to take a few swings to give him an idea of his challenge. All was going well until one guy demonstrated a golf swing that should have broken his back, neck and a […]

Book review: The Challenger Sale – Taking Control of the Customer Conversation

In the midst of all the books I read, mostly military histories, biographies of famous people and the normal dose of business books, every now and then, one stands out among the others.  The reaction upon reading them is to wonder why such a book had never before been written.  Such was my reaction upon […]

Book review: Accounting Changes: Chronicles of Convergence, Crisis and Complexity in Financial Reporting

Let’s plug a book! Faithful followers of Insights will note that I have never had an original idea in my life, but there is not much of merit that I have stumbled across that I have not put to good use. Most of these good ideas come from listening, observing and reading. So it is […]

We’re Back – and Ever More Insightful!

Welcome to our new and more informative website courtesy of Green Bee Web Consulting. It’s been several years since we last published Pat’s Perspective, and in many ways much has happened since then, but in most ways, it has been business as usual. We’ll share a few of the highlights, but, in summary, recent experiences […]

Continuous Improvement — Know It When You See It!

By embracing the Six Step Process, organizations learn how to create excellence to the point that it can become self sustaining. Now, it is just a matter of time until they achieve their value maximization objective. It is inevitable.

The Selling Process

Provide nothing but the best possible service to your customer base. You cannot sell what you cannot deliver. Remember, your “A” customers are on your competitors’ target list.

Implementing the Plan

The plan is not about creating change. It’s about creating excellence. The change occurs as we learn to find and eliminate the waste and mediocrity that precludes excellence. Focus on execution. The change needed to sustain it will result.

Creating the Plan

Excellence is the absence of mediocrity. Therefore, your objective is finding and eliminating it from the drivers of organizational value.

On Decision Making

Decision making is a serious business. It requires judgment, but also the intellectual honesty and discipline to follow a process and consider all aspects of the problem.